Friday, June 30, 2023

Cat Toys


I heard that a local animal shelter needs cat toys. That seemed like a worthwhile goal for my craft group, so I trawled through Pinterest for ideas, combined this and that..... Last week we made pom poms out of tulle and cellophane. The cellophane will make a noise when the cat plays with the pom pom. This morning we made mice and fishing lines. I need to use up the rope, so making a line for the fish to hang on seemed like a good plan, and plaiting three bits kept every one occupied for a while. 

The bottom pictures shows the samples I made yesterday, just to be clearer. We'll make something else for cats next week and then donate them all. 


  1. Such fun! They all look quite cute 💗

  2. I crochet cat balls stuffed with poly fiber and catnip. I use cotton yarn for the balls - my cats can get their claws in the balls and fling them around easily! They love them...

    1. More substantial than ours, which won’t last long.

  3. It's really nice that your group does all this voluntary work! You put your creativity and skills to a good cause.

  4. Cat toys are a nice fun idea for the craft group, those look great.