Tuesday, June 13, 2023

Teiko Revisited


In 2016 I worked my way through the book The Tatted Artistry of Teiko Fujito. I've given away many of the motifs I tatted, used them for this and for that, but there are still a few lurking. The other day I came across a fragment of Edging number 80 and thought it would be well worth tatting a usable length of it. It's surprising that this structure isn't used more in tatting. It echoes the ripple patterns of knitting and crochet. All are pleasing to the eye. I did consider leaving off the decorative picots, to make it sleeker and more modern, but in the end went with the pattern as written. 


  1. That’s a very attractive edging. Neat.

  2. Marvelous ripple effect! 😍 I think Ben Fikkert used it a lot in his patterns? I am a bit terrified of BTS - getting it the exact length... ;-P

    1. I don't think a bare thread space is essential to the pattern, there's no reason the rings couldn't abut each other. BTS can be measured with a piece of folded paper, but I haven't bothered here, the BTS is short and easy enough to eyeball.

  3. Pretty! I'm amazed that the curve is so smooth, just by having the small rings and large rings swap places. I have that book somewhere, must go look for it!

  4. How did I never notice this edging in the book? It's lovely!