Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Trying Another Pattern

I'm trying out different crochet rope patterns. This one, 8 beads in circumference, comes from Here's a link to the blog.  It covers a lot of different beading techniques.

I didn't get my join as invisible as I'd like. I do one well and think, "Yes, I've got it!" and then the next one isn't so good and I realise I still need more practice. Ideally it should be impossible to tell where the beading was begun.


  1. This is so beautiful !!! The colours work out great.
    After you mentioned I noticed the 'flaw' in the joining .... In such cases, maybe you can sew in some charm(s) or a tiny beaded flower or something to hide the dent and act as a deliberate design?

  2. Your beadwork inspires me to have another go at it. I have tried in the past but its a bit fiddly for me, lol
    Love the rope one in the past post.

  3. It's another great one!! :)
    I can't see where you joined!! ;)