Wednesday, November 27, 2019


I did wear the red top shown in the previous post to the Christmas party. I think Melanie is right, bamboo is less likely to be uncomfortable in the heat than a synthetic fibre would. There were 12 of us there. We all took along a gift and then drew lots to see who got what. Oddly, Riekie and I ended up doing a straight swap. I had made a drawstring bag with clear pockets. I use mine as a tatting bag, but of course Riekie can put whatever she like in hers.
From Riekie I received a covered clothes hanger, always useful for hanging a special garment:
The beads are a nice touch. Here's a closer view:


  1. Can't remember for how many years I've wanted to crochet over a few of my hangers. Perhaps this beaded cutie will jerk me from my lethargy ;-D

  2. I love that bag, such a good idea to make clear pockets, could do with that in my bag, I'm always rummaging about trying to find things, lol

  3. Nice swap! Love the bag with clear pockets, that's something that I want to try, purses for tatting are never enough!