Monday, November 4, 2019

Little Ones

Two repeats of the rainbow rope measure 18 cm. Three repeats would be 27 cm, which is much too long for a bracelet. So I decided to make some small bracelets. The 'flowers on a stem' one, lower right, is made using size 11 beads, instead of the size 8 that I usually use. I made a bracelet with small beads a couple of years ago and found it very tedious. But now that I'm more efficient at the process, it was fine. It made me think of a quotation from Elizabeth Zimmerman (I think) that I read once. She said that when she's asked why she knits with fine yarn and small needles she says that she enjoys knitting and so is happy to prolong the experience!


  1. You get these so symmetrical. Is that by design, or serendipity?

    1. Well I make sure to do complete repetitions so that the join won’t show.

  2. Ooo, the rainbow one really catches the eye ! 👀🌈
    I do enjoy the entire creative journey 😃

  3. Awesome and fun colored bracelets!!!! :)

  4. Ah...prolonging the process. Perhaps that's shy I'm attracted to tatting in small thread with small beads. And here I thought it was because I have smaller hands and face features!

  5. Very pretty bracelets! I don't remember reading that particular EZ quotation (there are so many!), but it definitely sounds like her! And OH I sure agree with her :) Funny you're mentioning her, I've just started a Surprise Jacket!

  6. Lovely and cheerful bracelets 🥰
    Threading beads in the right order is the less funny part, I think, lol! You are doing a great job with all that patterns!