Friday, November 8, 2019


Bev asked me how I go about threading beads for a crochet rope, so here it is. First I assemble everything on a tray, so that if I'm interrupted or finished for the day I can just put the whole thing down:

The different colours I'm using are put into separate jam jar lids - they work well because they're shallow.  I have a beading needle with a loop of sewing thread on it. I thread the crochet thread through the loop:

I put my left forefinger on the threading chart to keep my place. Top of the chart shows 8 black beads to go on first (well, it actually shows 8 brown beads, but I'm using black where the pattern uses brown):

Now comes the bit where I need three hands. To the alarm of onlookers, I grip the needle between my teeth and use my right hand to slide the beads onto the crochet thread, while my left hand keeps my place on the pattern. So I work my way down the chart and then start again.

It's perfectly possible to thread all the beads for a bracelet or necklace at once. But the longer the 'train' of beads the harder it is to control. Since joining a new thread in is very easy, I think it makes sense to thread just a short section at a time. It depends on the pattern, but here I'm threading 3 repeats at a time:

To join in the new thread, I use a small hook to hook the new thread through the base of the last stitch, so that the new thread is on the hook with the last loop:

Then I can just carry on crocheting round and round!

 The two ends can be threaded in later. If the rope starts to look 'hairy', especially if I've made mistakes and had to cut the thread to correct them, I thread the ends in as I go. I use an easy thread needle to sew about three large stitches into the rope, taking care not to put the needle through the centre of any beads:


  1. Wonderfully explained, thank you 💖💗
    For knitting patterns I use a paperclip to hold the place in the pattern. Easy to slide up/down, and the negative space in the clip aligns over the current row.
    Glad you have 3 hands 😄😉

  2. Great explanation. I've watched someone bead like this. It didn't grab my imagination then, but I am intrigued by your post.

  3. I do like this post too😃 great pictures and explanations🦋👍

  4. Thank you for sharing. I put a ruler under the current row in the pattern and use the only two hands I got (yes you've alarmed me), the ball drops on the floor, then it always end tangled. Even I load the shortest section of the pattern. Your crochet ropes are beautiful, a lot of your passion and dedication go into them.

  5. Thank for showing us how you make these beautiful bracelets and necklaces, they must take a lot of time threading the beads onto the thread.

  6. Great explanations! I use a magnetic board to keep track of where I am. I bought it back in the days when I was doing a lot of cross-stitch; it's also useful for knitting, and nerve-saving for crochet ropes! Any charts really. I lost the magnet/ruler long ago but any magnet works as long as it's shape fits the charts.

    1. Thanks for that, I really do need to find a better way of working!

  7. I thought you had to tread all the beads the first time...this seems like a much better idea.