Friday, September 7, 2018

More Shopping

When I was in the local fabric shop recently, I saw some polka dot material. Afterwards it occurred to me that it would be good for a Summer dress. Summer is hesitating - we had frost this morning - but it must arrive soon. So yesterday I went back and bought fabric, plus lining. I plan to make a put-on-and-go dress, no zips or buttons. Watch this space.  


  1. Gorgeous fabric! I can’t wait to see this. Most of my dresses are put on and go-it’s like wearing pajamas but you look really smart.

    1. That’s it exactly. The idea is very appealing after all the layering of Winter.

  2. Funny to read comments about summer being late while I've just started to work on a winter knitting project :)
    Intriguing dress pattern, I'll watch this space for sure! I don't MIND sewing zips or buttons, but if I don't NEED to I certainly don't object!

  3. I guess you mean a sort of pinafore dress, will watch this space.

  4. Sounds like a great idea and I can't wait to see your dress!! :)
    You are just going into summer??? We are just getting into autumn, which will most likely go directly into winter. ;)

  5. My sort of pattern - put on and go!! Looking forward to seeing it, Jane.

  6. Going to look good in that fabric, we still have a little summer but won’t be long before autumn will be here

  7. This brings to mind a little girl with a flared dress, twirling around ... and a candy apple or lollypop in her hand ;-P But I do like slip-on hassle-free dresses