Saturday, September 29, 2018

Butterflies Tethered

Practising in an arbitrary way is a bit aimless, so I decided to tat Ninetta's Swirling Butterflies, even though I'm not really proficient in treble tatting. This is a practice piece.  Ninetta's pattern is in two parts, the first part is here and the second part is here. I followed muskaan's suggestion and tatted the butterflies separately, tethering them with the chain. It means the green round is worked with one shuttle and ball. I found it wasn't necessary to put safety pins to hold the inward picots on the butterfly bodies, the trebles are flexible enough to be moved apart for joining. I used size 20 thread. handdyed DMC Cebelia and Milford and the motif measures 11 cm across.


  1. Looks to me like you have done a fabulous job on it!!!! :)

  2. Thank you for playing with the swirling butterflies :-) great job! Beautiful tatting!

  3. Lovely piece of tatting, very clever and thanks to Ninetta for the design

  4. These butterflies have swirled through at least 3 continents {that I know of)!!! I notice your butterflies are facing the other direction - a north/south divide ;-P
    Lovely work!!!

    1. Working the butterflies separately makes it easy to choose which side faces. I thought having the wing with trebles to the fore seemed ‘right’. As long as they all face the same way, it’s all good.