Tuesday, October 10, 2017

The Value Of Having a Stash

I bought 2 metres of denim last week to use for lining these folded or origami bags. I made one using the denim, but realised that it is really too stiff for the job. I live a long way from the fabric shop, so I couldn't just go back there.  Luckily I could look through my stash to find other fabrics to line the bags.

I bought 1 metre each of the blue patterned and turquoise patterned fabric, thinking that each would make 4 bags. Not so, but far otherwise, as Rudyard Kipling would say. The blue fabric is very narrow, I could only cut 2 squares from it. The turquoise, on the other hand, is wide enough to cut 6 bags! Note to self: check the width of fabric when buying.  In the interests of variety, I used a similar fabric from my stash for one of the bags, and have managed to make the 5 bags going to one family different from each other.


  1. You have been productive! and the bags look really good.

  2. I love making those little bags! I hadn't thought of using denim. I have used cloth napkins purchased on the clearance table. I do like your choice of colors!

  3. I like your bags. Is the pattern available?

    1. Yes, scroll down or follow link to previous post about a bag and there's a link to the pattern.

  4. Those are so pretty and I like the idea of mix and match too.