Tuesday, October 17, 2017


I have been using size 10 crochet cotton to make beaded crochet ropes. It works very well for ropes with a circumference of 6, but ropes with an 8 circumference are a bit stiff. I wondered if using a finer thread would be better. I found this pattern on Pinterest, saved from m.vk.com, which is 8 around. Using size 20 thread it's definitely more flexible, curves round to make a bangle much better than the ones using size 10 thread So, I've learnt something!


  1. Lovely bangle! I like how the motif pops up with the various bead sizes.
    I bought a few patterns on Ravelry for beaded crochet jewels; the designer advises to use size 20 thread for all her patterns. But I didn't think it had an impact on flexibility, I thought it was just to make stringing the beads easier than with size 10!!!! There, we've both learnt something ;)

    1. Oh, that's interesting. That's what comes from my learning through trial and error!

  2. That is so pretty! I have directions, so I will get around to trying this some day.

  3. Fabulous!! It's great when your learning makes something pretty!!! :)

  4. Never too late! Pretty colors by the way!

  5. Your a pro at this its beautiful ❤

  6. Jane, you always make it sound so easy despite the trials and errors and heartaches :-) Reading this I thought "elementary ?!" ;-P Shows what a non-starter I am!