Thursday, October 26, 2017

Tatted Version

How about a tatted version of yesterday's crochet spiral? It needs some practice and refinement, of course, but I think it has potential. Beads around the outside for earrings? A bead in the centre?

Here are some earlier versions:
I started off using lock joins, simply so that I could work with two shuttles instead of four. I thought I'd get it basically right like that and then use Catherine Wheel Joins to get a smoother effect. I also had the absurd idea of using direct stitches in one colour and normal in the other so that I could work with one shuttle.  Absurd because direct stitches move anti-clockwise and normal ones clockwise. Duh. What do you think? I'm sure someone must've tried this before, so if anyone would like to point me in the right direction, please do.


  1. Lovely! I've made a whole blanket using spiral-into-square motifs, but of course that was crochet! It had never occurred to me that it would be possible to make two-colour spirals in tatting... but then again I'm much much more a crocheter and knitter than a tatter!
    I think the Catherine Wheel joins are a great idea. I'll do that. Plus I like your idea of using beads. Perhaps I'll try placing two (tiny) seed beads on each picot, and then make the joins in the spaces between the two beads; that way the beads will be "spread" amidst the whole motif as well as the outside. Not sure. Will have to be tested :)
    As for the center I think a SCMR would be great... one half-ring in each colour perhaps...
    Wow, this is my lunch break; I can't wait to get back home and try this! Thank you for the inspiration Jane :)

    1. I've been thinking about beads throughout too. Perhaps black and white threads and red beads?I saw a blanket of spiral squares on pinterest yesterday, very effective. Good luck with your experiments!

  2. Yes, interesting, but not practical, I think, for larger, more crochet indicated projects. Fun for earrings etc., though! Very creative. 😊

  3. Yes !!! Great experiment & ideas :-) And TWoT would've told you about the clockwise/counterclockwise movement ;-P

    A spiral with tatted chain alternating with a beaded chain/string is another possibility ?
    Okay, first, yes I remembered seeing it before (hoping to try it some day) & went to search for it. Eliz's Element-al Techniques finally came to the rescue.
    Spiral by Mariya D :
    She has explained it, but since it is part of a continuous braid, there is an added complexity to the working.

    Secondly, while CWJ requires 2 shuttles, the Dora Young Knot (CWJ is actually one of the 2 ways in which the DYK is done) can be done with a single shuttle. You will find the tutorial links on my Resources page.

    Looking forward to more experiments :-)))

    1. Ah, I knew I could rely on you muskaan, thanks. I'll follow your leads up.

  4. I like it very creative and the earrings is a great idea!