Friday, October 27, 2017

Beaded Spiral Earring

Sylvie suggested adding beads to the picots. That's a possibility, but it would result in a much more open spiral. I decided instead to add beads to the red spiral from the shuttle. I think it works well.
Here's a closer look:
Muskaan kindly gave me a link to this post, where Mariya explains how she did a two-colour spiral. Aha, I thought someone must have done something similar before now.

Now I need to make another earring.


  1. Beautiful! Candy cane earrings? I haven't had the time to put my ideas to the test yet but I don't think I'll try the beads on picots. I hadn't thought of the "too opened" structure. Ah well, I really am much of a crocheter than a tatter ;)

    1. Try it, a more open spiral might look different to the crocheted spiral but it could still look good.

  2. I love your tatted spirals as much as your crocheted spirals. I see lots of gift giving ideas in your creations. <3