Thursday, July 27, 2017

Zigzag Progress

It looks as though I've reversed the zigzag pattern on successive repeats, but in fact it's the same sequence repeated over and over. I'm sure there's a logical, mathematical reason for that, but it boggles my mind!

Thanks to crafty sylvie who gave me the tip to include some white in a photo to improve the colour. The photo above was taken with my camera, here's one taken with my phone:
I think it's better than the one I took yesterday, so I'll keep that in mind in future.


  1. The white does look nice, I have had the same thing happen when I take pictures with my phone, the colours aren't always what they should be.

  2. This looks greatM. I wonder if you need to change the exposure on your phone. If it,s an iPhone, i call tell you how- very easy.

    1. It's a Huawei. Perhaps I had better look a bit more carefully at the camera and see what adjustments I can make. Thanks.

  3. Jane your attention to detail and patience in beading samples is amazing. And therefore your results are superb. I am in awe! <3

  4. You're very welcome :) I'll relay your thanks to the person who gave me the tip.
    I like this zigzag motif, very pretty.