Monday, July 17, 2017


I visualised a scarf with raised 'petals' to match the beret. I crocheted several swatches, but soon discovered that front post crochet creates a rather stiff fabric. That's fine for a beret, but not so good for a scarf, which requires more drape. I decided to take a look at Ravelry. I typed 'crochet scarf' into the pattern search and came up with 386 pages, with 50 odd patterns per page! After a couple of hours of browsing and scribbling down possibilities, my eyes glazed over and I decided to read tatting blogs for a break. On muskaan's blog there's a link to a crochet blog called ergahandmade Crochet, and there I found what I was looking for! I think. The pattern is not for a scarf, it's for a woman's top, but it uses a hexagon motif with a 12-petal flower, just as the beret has a 12-petal flower.
I crocheted a sample and in the process realised that the motif could easily be changed into a square by working four corners instead of six. Squares would be easier to join, though I did see scarves on Ravelry made of hexagons. I'm hoping I can use colour to reinforce the connection between the flower on the beret and the more lacy flower on the scarf. I'll need to spin and dye a couple of skeins to test the idea.


  1. This pattern could work well as a scarf, I will look forward to your creation!

  2. Your are an expert those knitting needles are proud to have you as an owner.

  3. Very interesting tip.
    I always prefer hexagons ;-D But nicely squared!
    Will be following your experimentation.

  4. Your inspiration has been rewarded, I am sure the flower motif will make a wonderful scarf and beret

  5. Doesn't it take a long time to search for things on the internet? Sometimes I wonder if it would be quicker to go down to the library and search!!!

    1. I haven't got a library nearby, so extra glad of internet, but it gobbles time alright.

  6. Somehow finding something through someone you know makes it even better to me. I like the hexagon as it looks more "flowery" to me, but beautiful th are lovely. I marvel at your ability to rework.

  7. I think that pattern would make a beautiful scarf!