Monday, July 24, 2017

A Beaded Rainbow

This is a much better pattern, which can be found here. I would have liked to have done one more repeat, but I ran out of orange beads. I had counted the remaining orange beads carefully, but didn't take into account that a few of them had holes too small for a beading needle to go through! No problem, I think it's long enough to make a necklace for a small girl.

I did learn that size matters. You can crochet different size beads together, but it shows, so is best done for effect. When I worked a trial piece, I chose beads purely on their colour. The light green ones are slightly bigger than the others, and the red ones slightly smaller:
I didn't like the unevenness this caused, so I changed beads for the final version.


  1. Another nice bracelet, it will brighten up any outfit!

  2. Wow this is great thanks for the link too. You could make an ankle bracelet with it🌻

  3. Crocheting a test piece with beads is very smart and it is easy to see that she does matter. Lovely Rainbow pattern. <3