Monday, July 10, 2017

A Better Way

The 'magic trick' I described in my last post is not the best way to turn a plastic bag into 'plarn'. StringyDogs sent me this link to a tutorial showing a better method. I'll show it here, using a small plastic bag, though you'll get more detail by clicking on the link.
Cut the bag in strips, stopping just before the end. Then arrange the bag so that the uncut section is flat on the table:
Cut diagonally from one strip to the next, rather than straight across:
Then the bag will form one continuous strip:
Aha! Now I need to actually make something with plarn. I knitted and crocheted samples:
I'm thinking of crocheting a shopping bag. I must say it's rather noisy stuff to work with. I want an evening project, but rustling plastic is not the best accompaniment to an evening film!


  1. The crocheted sample looks better and won't stretch as much. Give some thought to your handle, though, if you decided to make a bag. I have seen one of these as made by a friend last year, and she said that the plastic handle, when the bag is full, cuts into your hand most uncomfortably.

    1. I did wonder about that. Especially with heavy groceries inside. Perhaps I'll make them quite wide. The handles need to be firmly attached too.

  2. Sounds an interesting post, I can't crochet I wonder if I coukd knit it?

  3. Isn't it amazing how much time and work we put into something so simple? Your magic cutting to make one long strip is very smart and so much easier to knit/crochet with. Happy Bagging...<3

  4. Yes! This is how I'd cut the t-shirt to make yarn ! Still have the yarn ball lying somewhere ;-P