Friday, April 14, 2017

Working on Round 9

Round 9 looks quite tricky, so I used thread left on the shuttles to tat a practice repeat. That enabled me to check my scribbled diagram as well as work out where to swap shuttles and what size the picots should be. I've used too long a picot for the 'quad', it looks ugly, so I know to watch out for that.
I've made a start:


  1. That does look tricky. I'm almost finished with round 8. I've been a bit distracted the last couple of days! ;-)

  2. Ah, I think I'll do what I normally do for that type of situation. Instead of 8 (long picot) 8 for the first one I'll do 7 vsp 2 vsp 7 and join the following rings to those vsp's. I can see on Renulek's that the rings slightly overlap in places and using this strategy it will stop that. Same stitch count and I don't 'think' it'll throw the next round out. I'll let you know when I get there!!!!

    1. I should've let you get ahead of me - very good idea!

  3. I've finished yesterday round 8, and then looked at the next. I thought I'd start in one of the upper rings of the 5petals flower, instead of the onion-like ring. That because itwill be easy to close this tricky round.

  4. This is a very practical tip - to tat a repeat !
    I like rings on a central picot - they have an organic appeal.
    My thumb rule for the central picot is : a normal picot can join 2 rings; so if you have 4 rings in that central picot, double the picot length. It works for me.