Friday, April 28, 2017


The flannel wraps I'm making are to be sent to a heart hospital in Cape Town. I guess 'heart hospital' is not a technical term, but you can read about the hospital here if you want to. Anyway, I thought that adding a tatted heart to the blankets would be appropriate. I've used muskaan's block tatted hearts and Nicola Bowersox's Kiss Curl Heart. I still have a lot of blankets to hem and not a lot of time, so I'm not sure I can make hearts for them all, but so far so good.


  1. Jane, you're the best!!!! Perfect touch, those little tatted hearts. If you weren't so far away and time so short, I'd send you some!

  2. How much time do you have? I'd tat hearts for you!
    I wondered if you were going to get some tatting in here...

    1. They have to be delivered on Friday, so there's not really time to get them here. But thanks!

  3. What a lovely idea to add hearts

  4. That is the sweetest , most thoughtful gesture !!!!
    Like occhitat and Michelle, I just wish I was close enough to send you all my hearts, including the bracelets ! If only ...

  5. love the bit of work to set off each one of the blankets I thought I left a comment so it there is two sorry about that :)

  6. Lovely finishing touch to the blankets. Well done!