Wednesday, March 22, 2017

This and That

We had a neighbourhood gathering last evening, so I asked my neighbours about yesterday's big, green caterpillar. They said it's called a 'druiwewurm'. That translates as grape worm. I googled it this morning and found absolutely nothing resembling my caterpillar. But it's a start. Thanks to those who have had a go at identifying it!

Yesterday afternoon I shuffled stars and decided on an arrangement of colours:
I piled up each row and numbered them so that I can keep track. I made a start on crocheting an outer row, joining as I go. I used this tutorial to help me. I'm not quite confident about it yet, I may have to make some changes, which is why I haven't threaded the ends in:
At the moment I'm working on round 6 of the Renulek doily:


  1. This is really going to look pretty with twinkling stars :-)
    I do the same with Renulek's tat-alongs..... sketch the row with stitch count instead of printing !

  2. Your blanket is going to be beautiful! I'm enjoying round 6 of Renulek's doily. I really like the way she presents one row at a time. It helps keep me motivated, kind of like Jane's TIAS!

    Yes, I have also been looking at caterpillar pictures! No, I haven't been able to identify yours. The closest I've seen is a hawkmoth or hornworm, and there are over 1,400 types... I gave up! ;-)

  3. This blanket is going to colourful and gorgeous
    Bath university are using big green caterpillars as an experiments into dementia and the link with sugar. It looks the same caterpillars by the photo, they are the most greedy animals in the world and therefore they are giving them a diet on sugar to see if there's a link.

    1. Really? That's very interesting. I sent a photo to a website in UK and heard back that it might be an Emperor moth.

  4. I lay mine out and then take a photo so I can see where I decided to put them!!! Your blanket is going to be gorgeous.

  5. Love your blankets in colors!!! :)
    Your doily is looking beautiful!! :)

  6. I see that caterpillar needing a leash it is so big. Reminds me of tomato plant hornworms! Lovely layout for your blanket dear. <3

  7. Its going to be a wonderful blanket Jane.Your doily also looking beautiful!!!!!