Monday, March 27, 2017

Joining Hexies

The join-as-you-go method wasn't really working. Perhaps that was because my hexagons have a 'solid' outer row rather than a shell edging. I did some experimenting with different ways of joining the hexagons. Eventually I decided that sewing them together was the best option. There are, of course, different ways of sewing, so I did some more experiments and plumped for whip stitch through the back loops of the outer row. This makes a faint ridge on the front, which adds definition without being too obtrusive.
I crochet the white round and then leave a long tail to use to sew it to the previous hexagon. This saves working in two ends.
I join a row together and then sew that row to the blanket, with the work flat on the table.
So, I have my system, I've just got to put all the hexagons together.

For those following the caterpillar saga, Steve Ogden from Wildlife Insights says it's a Speckled Emperor Moth caterpillar. So he's narrowed it down even further.


  1. Mmmm, I love to crochet squares etc but hate the sewing together. These are lovely, can't wait to see the finished piece.

  2. I really like the ridge, nice definition!

  3. Your blanket looks wonderful! Although it is time consuming, that is my favorite way to join crocheted blocks.

    Yes, I am following your caterpillar saga!

  4. Great tips and beautiful effect with whip stitch !
    Thanks for sharing :-)

  5. I love all those colors!!! It's going to be a very cheerful blanket!!! :)