Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Ready For Colour

I unraveled a Scrap Saver Hexagon and wound the wool round my niddy noddy to see how much yarn one motif takes. Nine-and-a-half turns, say ten for good measure. So I've made skeins of 30 times round the niddy noddy, enough for three motifs. I have 13 skeins ready to be dyed. In the meantime I can use wool left over from previous blankets to make hexagons. If I'm not sure if a ball is big enough for a full motif, I can wind it round the niddy noddy to check. The brown ball looked big enough, but was eight times round, so I saved myself the trouble of crocheting most of a motif and then finding there wasn't enough.


  1. I bet your niddy noddy is one of your favourite bits of equipment. Great idea to use that to estimate what you need to dye and spin.