Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Second Sock

I think the best way to avoid 'second sock syndrome' is to begin the second sock as soon as the first is finished. Mind you, in this case I'm making the socks for someone else, so I couldn't leave one sock languishing in any case.


  1. Wow I didn't know it's a syndrome 😦but believe this😄

  2. How lacy and pretty, gorgeous sock!

  3. I'm glad you mentioned the sock syndrome, I often suffer from this. Just make sure you make the next sock the same size, I have recently made a pair and it was not until I finished them I realised that one was shorter than the other, lol

  4. Who can argue with your well-heeled logical reasoning ;-P
    Beautiful pattern and shade !
    Loved the pics in your last post !!!!

  5. Not heard it called a syndrome, First sock looks lovely

  6. Good idea! When I first looked at the picture I was trying to figure out why you were putting a hole in the side of the foot. :)

  7. When making socks, I make both at the same time. I use the five needles, two sets, and knit one cuff and then the other, one leg and then the other and continue until they are finished. I use two row counters to make sure they have the same number of rows. When I am done, I am done. I know that I would never go back to do the second sock.

    1. That is certainly one answer to second sock syndrome.

  8. Oh yes, you must knit two socks, these look comfy.