Thursday, February 23, 2017

False Start

I'll quickly tat round 2 , I thought, and then write my blog. Mmm. Not so fast, Jane. It was clear before I finished round 2 that it wasn't going to lie flat. I think my tension on the inside chains is too loose and the long picot in the centre too big perhaps. Nothing for it but to start over. The second version lies perfectly flat, without blocking. I must remember to pay attention to tension as I go further.


  1. Oh, and it's so pretty!! Great second piece!! :)

  2. So many have started this doily. I like that she gives us the complete view so we can plan come color. Looks great so far.

    1. I rather liked the round by round reveal, almost like a tat it and see.

  3. The cupped one can be stiffened into a mini bowl or basket, with some truffles/candy for easter !

  4. What a difference. I love muskaan's sugestion.