Thursday, December 15, 2016

Hardanger Progress

I'm making progress on my Hardanger bookmark. Mine is going to be bigger than the original, my fabric must be coarser. Actually, that's a good thing because the competition says the bookmark must be 20 cm long and the original is only 16 cm long. This is a practice piece, but I think the fabric I'll use for the 'real deal' is the same as this.

 When I made the previous bookmark, I had some difficulty removing the marking threads without distorting the embroidery stitches. So this time I've been removing those threads as I go. The blocks are worked in relation to each other now, so I shouldn't need those markers.


  1. Wow! That is amazing! Is your fabric linen? I am determined to try this some day. :-)

  2. I am sure it will be awesome!! :)

  3. Something I have never tried, beautiful though

  4. inspiring.. let me rethink about my decision. Beautiful work Jane.