Sunday, December 18, 2016

Inching Along

We use the metric system in South Africa, but centimetring along doesn't really do it! I'm working on the buttonhole edging of my bookmark. It's going slowly, with a lot of practice of outward and inward cornering. SherryL advised me to snug the thread against the needle before pulling it through. I'm doing that and it does give a neater result.


  1. Inchworm, inchworm. Can't help trying to remember the rest of the words!!! It's looking FABULOUS.

  2. Looks lovely! As a language teacher, I spend a fair amount of time talking about words or expressions which haven't caught up to the world-and vice versa!

  3. Jane, Can this stitch worked out as a decorative collar?
    Such nice work. Is that a white yarn ?

    1. It's a white perle cotton. I'm sure a similar design could be used for a collar.

  4. The extreme close up reveals how very precise your stitches are !!! Great embroidery, Jane !
    Love your word play :-D Centimetering conjures up images of a centipede scurrying away ;-)