Monday, December 12, 2016


I'm working out the design of the Hardanger bookmark on graph paper. It's more difficult than I expected! This is not my first attempt. I started originally with the outer pointed part:
I realised eventually that my blocks are entirely wrong - they should be five stitches over four threads, I have four stitches over four threads. "Go around again," to quote Dr Seuss. I sent a message to Corlie, asking her whether I could start with the outer row. She replied that I could, but she would advise starting with the centre blocks. Right. I think I'll do more paper work before I begin. The temptation is to begin stitching at once, but it will surely be better to make sure it all works out on paper first.


  1. Interesting !!!
    That's one point in favour of freestyle and freeform ;-)

  2. Your headline sounded rather sinister but glad to find it was no more than a graph.
    Good luck with that, I hate anything mathsy.

  3. I've never done Hardanger, so I will be watching with great interest!

  4. Brrrr..., Hardanger=Hives 😱

  5. I have some graph paper specifically for hardanger that you might like better. I can scan them and send them to you if you like.

    1. Really? Now I know it exists I can probably find it on line, thanks. I've used knitting graph paper. I've done the job now so I might leave it til next time.

  6. Oh wow, that looks complicated! But, the results will be lovely.

  7. I think you are doing a wonderful job, it's not easy but I look forward to seeing it when you finish it

  8. I think I will give up the idea of learning this stitch :((. I cannot work in such detail and calculation,