Tuesday, December 13, 2016

The Back of the Square

This is what the back of the flower granny square looks like.  I learnt how to create the 3D flower effect when I was researching my mandala cushion. Here's how it's done:
A chain is crocheted behind the flower petals. The work looks very contorted at this stage, but you have to persist! Then the next round is worked into the chains:
On the ends: I crochet over the starting yarn of each round and sew in the finishing end, working each round as I finish it. Here's the right side:
It still looks a little distorted at this stage, but the next two rounds sort it out:

I think joining the squares will straighten them out even more. Some of the patterns I've seen use the chain technique multiple times to create complex 3D effects. Clever!


  1. I had learned to crochet 3D roses in this fashion from my Mom, and had made a large doily/table top in cotton thread. Loved it !
    Nice pics of the steps. Always enjoy seeing working in progress !

  2. (I will. Or take up crochet, I will. It take up crochet) you make this look very reasonable and even easy!

  3. Just beautiful to see and nice to see backside of work.

  4. Lovely and neat on the back of that square, I like this pattern and must remember it for when I get the hooks out again, patchwork has taken over for now.

  5. Terrific! It's a great 3-D technique.

  6. My days are running too fast for me to keep up. Your newly spun yarns are gorgeous. This 3D flower granny square is amazing. You are so very talented in your fiber arts.

  7. I like your 3D flower granny square will give it texture and extra warmth in the blanket

  8. I really like the 3D granny squares, and I have a ton of yarn. Maybe I should get started! ;-)