Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Starting Again

Having finished Jack's pullover, I need a new 'evening project'. I have an irrational yen to crochet a blanket. Or afghan as an American would call it. When I was a child, I had a 'grannyblanket' that I really loved, so I figure I can find a grandchild to give a blanket to. I'm planning a blanket that I can start crocheting without finishing the spinning.

I'm making inroads into my wool supply, but there's still plenty left for a  blanket or two!


  1. Looking forward to seeing what pattern you choose and your progress

  2. What a precious treasure-a blanket from grandma!! :)

  3. We do call them afghans and I still have several my Grandma made for me and I love the comfort of her hug when I snuggle in them. I am 68 and I appreciate all the time and Labor of Love she put into each blankie. Happy crocheting dear...

  4. Did you learn to spin so that you could have yarn when you need it? I still haven't taken the time to learn, and every time I see you starting some new spinning, I get the urge to try again!

    1. In Zimbabwe I started a spinning and knitting business. We had angora goats and no electricity so it made sense! I learnt to spin and then taught other people to spin. Not it's just handy to be able to create yarn when I want it.