Monday, November 14, 2016

Blanket Beginnings

I've worked the first section of my blanket, using this pattern, which I've used before.  This time I'm making a concerted effort to crochet over the ends to hide them as I go. I don't mind sewing in ends, but really it makes more sense to crochet them in. I've been reading about tapestry crochet, where colours are carried along by crocheting over them, and I realised the same technique could be used for ends. The next section will be done in different colours, but I have to finish spinning the wool first.


  1. Good idea to deal with the ends as you go, otherwise you will find yourself looking at the completed blanket in horror! - ( I have been knitting Ducks in a blanket for a grandchild).

  2. Great choice & placement of colours !

  3. Your crocheted blanket will be lovely. You will be so glad you crocheted the ends in as you go along. My Grandma always did this and she taught me to do the same. Happy crocheting...