Monday, February 22, 2016

One Sleeve

I'm on track to finish Penny's pullover by the end of the week, but it might be a close-run thing!


  1. It is coming along, taking shape, so elegantly !

  2. It's incredibly fast! - you must spend hours on it every day. I am knitting a jumper with a heart on it for one of my granddaughters whose 15th birthday is today - but I still have 1 1/2 sleeves to go! I haven't told her about it so when I give it to her on Saturday, she will still be surprised.It's fluffy "trendy"yarn, very fashionable, but has been completely horrible to work with , so that is what has slowed me down.Usually I knit with nothing but wool, this will definitely be a one-off!

    1. I'm struggling to find the hours in the day to knit! I'm sure the results will be spectacular. You have my sympathy - I like to work with natural fibres.

  3. You knit incredibly quickly! I guess it's all about finding the time and motivation. The sweater looks beautiful!

  4. Very soft and cozy and warm looking. Gorgeous!

  5. I am sure it is going to be wonderful!! :)