Thursday, February 4, 2016

Cricket Socks

I knitted this yesterday while watching cricket. Jack won tickets to the game, South Africa vs England, so we made the four-hour journey to Bloemfontein to watch the game. It might be mildly eccentric to knit while watching cricket - certainly I didn't see anyone else doing it! But it doesn't bother anyone else and at the end of the day I have a sock. Or I should have had a sock. I was just congratulating myself that I just had the toe to do and plenty more overs to sit through, when a tremendous dust storm started. Horrible. And impossible to knit through. The players went on until eventually it started raining. England won according to the Duckworth Lewis system, in case you're wondering! I will have to finish the sock at home.


  1. Looks like good progress to me!! :)

  2. Good use of the time! - and there is a Superbowl Sunday tatting event to look forward to, you can make a snowflake as well.The cricket tragic who lives in this house says the Duckworth Lewis system is all about maths so I stopped listening.

    1. :-) ordinary mortals are not expected to know how duckworth lewis works!!

  3. I see nothing wrong with knitting while watching a cricket match. I knit while watching baseball or football, although that's always on t.v.!

  4. I would rather knit a sock whilst watching cricket too!