Monday, April 20, 2015

Ten Giraffes

I started again with an extra giraffe in the procession. I think it's a better width for a little blanket.

Teresa tells me that vertical stranding is a knitting technique used in Lapland. So I've learnt something! Read Teresa's comments to this post.


  1. The border looks really nice with those cute little giraffes " all in a row".

    What is the stitch in the centre, Jane? Some kind of honeycomb st?

  2. It's going to be a beautiful blanket. The only thing about vertical stranding that might be bothersome is working out exactly how much wool to begin with!

  3. wow this did come out very cute! I do believe it is one of a kind, very fun post!

  4. Jane, this blanket will be a treasure for sure and so adorable when its finished. Are you using handspun cotton? I thought I read that you were using cotton in one of your posts. Bravo to you for spinning it yourself. The giraffe motif is so appropriate.

    1. This one is wool, but I do like to spin cotton. When I was in Zimbabwe I ran a business producing handspun cotton yarn for sale.

  5. It looks fantastic! I almost wish I were young enough to have another baby! ;-)