Monday, April 27, 2015

Giraffes All In A Row

I knitting finished my little giraffe blanket. I washed it before blocking and was a bit fed up that there was some orange colour run. I rinsed the orange yarn after dyeing and the water was perfectly clear. Luckily it's not too obvious, I'll have to live with it.

One of the ducks flew from the house to the pan this morning. So exciting! We haven't seen the others for a while, but I'm wondering if they're already flying and don't need us any more. I like to think so anyway.


  1. Jane.. soooooooo cuuuute and war,m
    Colors are perfect for the season ??
    very cuddly gift.

  2. Lovely blanket, I hope next time you wash it no orange comes out.

  3. Awesome blanket!!! :) So adorable!!! :)
    Maybe laundry soap causes the color to run, where plain water didn't??

    1. Yes, you could be right. I should've washed the skein in soap too.

    2. Vinegar or is it salt that is upposed to set colour... Maybe both?

      The blanket is fabulous! Your work, once again, is unique and inspiringly creative. : )

  4. Very cute :-D
    Love the texture in the main body !

  5. It looks wonderful! I'm sure it's disappointing that some of the color ran, but it's still a fabulous blanket!

  6. If you washed it in warm water with pure soap, then sadly it will have run; cold water doesn't, but we usually do wash fine woollens in warm water, at least I do! Never mind, the blanket is lovely and looks very squishy and soft
    . Good news about the duck.

  7. A beautiful blanket, the pattern has turned out lovely, it is a shame about the colour run but from what I can see it hasn't spoiled it!