Tuesday, April 14, 2015


I tidied away all my tatting thread and beads carefully before I began spinning, to avoid getting beads in my fleece or fluff on my threads!

You have to imagine that these two photos overlap and are happening at the same time. The top one shows the wool in my left hand and the drafting triangle. My right hand controls the twist. Pinching the new thread prevents the spin from going into the wool until it's the thickness I want it. Otherwise, the wool becomes a tangled mess.
The wool disappears into the orifice and then winds onto the bobbin. I move the thread periodically from hook to hook so that the bobbin fills evenly.  I've measured out 300 g of wool to spin yarn for a baby blanket


  1. Baby Blanket! - I will be following this project with great interest, as I am knee deep in lacy shawls and blankets too! But I will not be spinning my own wool, I have no idea at all how that is done, although I am always entranced when I see the Spinners and Weavers demonstrating at the Craft Shows.

  2. I am determined to learn how to use my spinning wheel this summer! I want to be just like you! ;-)

  3. Very interesting never done or seen spinning being done.

  4. I wonder if spinning is as calming as I imagine it to be. I've always wanted to learn how.....

    1. It is if it goes smoothly. But when you're learning or can't get the tension right or something, it can drive you crazy instead of calm!