Tuesday, July 15, 2014

How to Knit a Hexagon

 I'm knitting Sweet Hexagon Cowl by Mercedes Tarasovich-Clark, published by Interweave Press. One hexagon is knitted like this:
K knit, K2tog, knit 2 together, SSK, slip 2 stitches, put left hand needle back into them and knit them together

48 stitches, divided between 3 needles, 16 stitches on each needle.
Round 1, K 16 on each needle
Round 2,[ K2tog, K4, SSK] twice on each needle
Round 3, K 12 on each needle
Round 4,[ K2tog, K2, SSK,] twice on each needle
Round 5 K 8 on each needle
Round 6. [K2tog, SSK] twice on each needle
Round 7, K4 on each needle
Round 8, [K2tog]twice on each needle
2 stitches are left on each needle. Cut yarn,  thread through the 6 stitches and fasten off.

To join hexagons, just pick up stitches instead of casting them on where appropriate.


  1. Lovely pattern, and thanks for sharing how to knit the pattern

  2. Thank you, Jane ! That makes sense. I have knitted a woolen hat or two in the past, and the top always ended in a nice circular pattern. The idea here is the same, but I would nvere have found that out by myself. I'll try it.