Friday, July 25, 2014

Broomstick Cowl

Broomstick crochet, handspun wool. I did consider making the cowl a moebius one, ie twisting it before joining the ends, but for that you really need a reversible fabric. Crochet definitely has a right side and wrong side. The cowl drapes well. I rather like the idea of a cowl, that keeps your neck warm without dangling in the soup as a scarf is wont to do.


  1. Your lovely cowl is just the job for winter!

  2. They're good in the evening too, to keep your neck warm - have you tried the Beauchamp cowl? - I knitted that a few years ago and it's still going strong. Your broomstick one looks lovely and light.

  3. What a lovely creamy colour Jane. I look forward to seeing the completed item, maybe with your modelling it?

  4. Very pretty. Have you ever felt qui out fibre? Musk oxen down spun into yarn. It is ferociously costly but light as a clouds and the warmest fibre on earth. If you hold the yarn under your chin you feel the heat in seconds. Amazing stuff. It would be great knitted in broomstick lace. : )

    1. No, I've read about it but never seen it. Imagine how light and warm that would be!