Tuesday, July 22, 2014


The women's group I belong to tries to learn something new each month.  It's not always possible to complete a project in the two or three hours of a meeting. The theory is that we go home and finish it off. I confess that I don't always finish the project. But I have finished last month's bedsocks:
And this morning I finished the month before's rope mat:
The easiest way to explain it is to show a picture of work in progress:
A strip of material is wound around the rope, and then the rope is coiled into a mat and zig zagged with the sewing machine. It's possible to make bowls  by curving the sides, you can see a little bowl that was my first attempt. But I want a mat to put my teapot on, so I kept this one flat. My sewing machine didn't really like the task, it had a tendency to skip stitches, but I kept on regardless. Homework done.


  1. Great projects!! :)
    My friend's sister uses your rope mat concept and makes really great bags!!! :)

  2. They all look like chongololo's to me!

  3. Yay for finishing both projects :). They are great! I really like the rope mat. Must google and give it a go :).

  4. Your bed socks look very cosy!