Wednesday, July 30, 2014


One of my favourite jokes goes: 'What's the difference between an eagle and a table? They both fly, except for the table'. The pattern instructions for the grafting reminded me of that joke, 'For the next 2 sts, rep steps 1-4, except work knitwise (step 1) purlwise (step 2)..... Luckily there was also a chart for the grafting. After reading articles about grafting and boggling my mind, I copied the chart out on a big piece of paper and then ticked off the steps as I did them. My grafting is far from perfect, but is more or less correct. The pattern from Interweave Press is by Daniel Yuhas.


  1. sorry, I don't undertstand Knitting in English! Not a word. I just like this scarf. I just saw in my handwork shop that this type of wool is going to be in fashion here this winter!
    Jane, eagles are sometimes called 'flying tables' because their wingspan easily reaches 2m. This sounds like the joke of a drunk ornithologist :))

  2. Oh, that's interesting about the eagle, I thought it was just absurd, but perhaps it has more basis than I thought!

  3. This looks just fine! I would never find the 'seam'!