Thursday, March 13, 2014

Very Keen

Linda travelled the 60 kms from her house to mine again yesterday for a tatting lesson. She completed her first circle of rings and chains.  I showed her how to join in new thread, hide ends etc. I talked her through Jennifer Williams's Marion coaster pattern and she's taken it home to work on. A shame for Linda that she doesn't get tatted treats for progress like Lace-loving Librarian's pupils do!


  1. Haha! Maybe she doesn't get any tatted treats, but she does get individual attention when she needs it. :-)

    Linda is doing great! I'm trying to encourage some of the kids to try patterns, but they're having too much fun with what they're working on. I'm not going to push. When they're ready, they're ready!

  2. Looks like a great first circle!!! :)

  3. But she DOES get tatted treats! She just has to make them herself. ;-) Great first 'circle'/coaster she's finished! Congratulations. I'm delighted that SOMEONE is learning tatting and sticking with it.