Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Round 5

 I tatted the yellow round 4 separately, threaded it through round 3 and then held it in place with round 5. When I was working on the prototype, I found it very irritating that the yellow bit I hadn't yet worked on kept slipping. I thought of pinning it in place, but I didn't want to stick pins into the tatting. The solution was to thread a piece of cotton yarn through the rings to keep then in place. The thread could easily be removed as I worked. Yes, it looks horrible, but it worked fine.


  1. If you enter both this piece and the traditional one in the competition, the judges will be very impressed - I know I am! Speaking of competitions, what was the judgement on your Tunisian market bag?

    1. The judging will be later this month. It's my intention to enter both doilies next year.

  2. How clever! Further proof that process isn't always lovely but the end result is fantastic!

  3. It's so gorgeous!!! :)
    The end result is what matters, not the assembly!! :)

  4. Oh Jane how inventive of you, this is going to be such a great piece of work.

  5. Looks lovely and what a clever idea, your design is coming along lovely