Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Swatch, Calculate, Knit

While I was contemplating the next row of my doily, I started on a cardigan for my granddaughter. Winter is approaching in the Southern Hemisphere! I knitted a few swatches, trying out different ideas, mainly from the book 'stashbuster knits' by Melissa Leapman - I wish I'd owned the book when I ran a knitting business. In the end I didn't go with any of the patterns in the book, but there was a fairisle pattern there that reminded me of a slipped stitch brick pattern that I've used before. I knitted a swatch of it, measured it carefully and then worked out a stitch count from the measurements my daughter sent. I'm knitting the cardigan in one piece up to the armholes so that I won't have to match up the brick pattern at the sides. The plan is to tat by day and knit in the evenings.


  1. You've made a lot of progress on the knitting already! Good plan to tat by day - I've been burning the midnight oil with wedding tatting, and I have a wonderful floor-standing Craft light; however apparently I cannot use it for long periods as it gives me headaches - can't cope with fluoro lighting in any form.

  2. Great plan! I've never been successful knitting garments, probably because I've never knit a swatch first. Some day I'll catch on! I love the pattern you're using.

  3. Very nice looking designs there!! :)