Friday, March 7, 2014

Making a Fair Copy

 I haven't finished scribbling and experimenting with my doily pattern, but I thought I had better tat what I've done so far according to the pattern I've worked out. Otherwise, if there's a major problem I'll have to make adjustments on all the subsequent rows. Here's a link to God's Kid blog where she has a link to the tutorial for interlocking SCMRs that are in the centre.

There's a  problem with the electricity supply in South Africa at the moment. Apparently we are to be cut off from 10 am to 3pm - different areas are cut off at different times to cut down demand. So I must finish this off asp, it's 10 am now.


  1. Your doily center looks very pretty! I really like the way you have the blue/yellow rings joining the two colors. I guess I'm going to have to give split rings another go!

  2. That looks so interesting!!! Can't wait to see your finished design!!! :)

  3. looks like a really good start. Pretty colors too.