Monday, August 19, 2013

Squared Away

 It turns out it's not absolutely necessary to use two shuttles together to tat a square ring. PattyD on In Tatters says she just tats over a thread, as you tat over the ends at the beginning of work. I found it easier, there's less tangling of threads. I can't think of many uses of square rings off hand, but it could  come in useful some day!


  1. Very unique!! It kind of reminds me of an old lantern post like in most pictures of Christmas in the olden days with the lantern posts at their walkways. :)

  2. What an interesting technique. I wonder what it looks like if you join the top picots together in an alternating fashion. They sure are something that gets the brain going.

    1. Yes, I was thinking of some sort of grid pattern, but I haven't succeeded yet.

  3. Square rings are not something I see very often but as you say could be useful to know how to do them, You could design something with them

  4. That's a great Idea to tat over a string. I like the street lamp thing too. And feel there is more to come with this square thing. Well maybe we could call them "diamonds rings in the ruff" :)