Saturday, August 24, 2013

Evolution of a lily pad

Blue organza alone won't be enough to suggest that my dragonflies are near water, I must have a waterlily. And lily pads. My attempts to make a 'solid' leaf using inverted tatting didn't work. So I thought of just tatting a big ring. Well, a very big ring is difficult to close and looked a mess. A mock ring that is really a chain? It worked better, but as you can see in the picture, it's still a bit curly. Yesterday I watched Karen Cabrera's  video about the double double stitch, where she says that it's good for making long chains that don't twist. So here's a leaf in double double stitch. Not only is it less twisty, but it's bolder, which may work better on an organza food cover.

Carollyn has also been tatting a waterlily, as you can see here. Her waterlily has clunies for petals, and josephine knots for the centre. I made a ring using layered picots for the middle and inverted tatting for the petals. Tatting is versatile!


  1. You're really making progress with this idea! I cn hardly wait to see the finished piece!

  2. Your flower looks good enough to smell! and I am so going to check out this double double stitch. This is such a good home for all those dragonflies. Jane we are so on the same page! tatting is fun!

  3. Hey could you tell what the video lesson number is for the chain I can't seem to locate it. Wow that girl has been busy too that's a lot of lessons, but I am sure glad she has made them.

  4. Your flower looks beautiful, I have just seen her flower and the both of you have done some lovely tatted flowers.
    I have not tried inverted tatting, it's on my list to try one day.
    Well done