Friday, August 30, 2013

At Last

At last I have my jersey back from the national competition. It didn't win any prizes, but it was awarded a mark of 75%, which is apparently not to be sniffed at. The comments say the fair isle is well done and neat on the wrong side. The criticisms are that the cast on is too loose, I should've used a smaller needle for the ribbing, and that steam pressing would have improved the look. So, I learn something....


  1. They say we live and learn, looks ok to me,

  2. well well well I think that a lot of people knit and I bet yours was not the only entry in the category. That way they can get picky. I love it and the fact you changed colors is way more than I could do! I knit very little your pullover looks super great to me! well we all learned something thank you for posting!

  3. It sure looks like a winner to me! Nice knitting, Jane!
    Fox : )

  4. I had forgotten all about this one! - it's taken them a long time to judge it. Congratulations on the marks you received, and constructive criticism is affirming. Your work was judged worthy of comment, and I think it looks lovely.