Tuesday, August 13, 2013

More Doodling

I've been trying out layered or ruffled picots. I watched Karen Cabrera's video and read Gina the Tatting Goddess's instructions. It's easy enough:  make a ring with a picot followed by two first half stitches, then a picot followed by two second half stitches. The first half ones will point upwards and the second half ones outwards. Aside from Karen's splendid bonsai tree, I couldn't find the technique being used anywhere. So I've been experimenting.

 My doodles are shown left to right above. First,  the blue flower has chains joined to the bottom picots, with the top picots left free in the middle. I thought perhaps I could make a double layered flower, but in the second flower, the top layer scrunched up. That has potential in itself, so the pink one is all ruffled, with lots of picots to enhance the look. But I still wanted to make a double layered flower. I added normal double stitches between the half stitch ones and it worked -  flower 4.

I think this technique might combine well with inverted tatting. I feel more experimentation coming on....


  1. Yes, if you did your inverted flower first, and this other fluffy on top, it could cover a number of flowers, I bought a hanging pot with a flower that hung down and the inside was purple and fluffy and out side was pink, I think that was called a purple heart. not sure I'll have to look that up. some kinds of peonies or daffodils would work too.

  2. Yes I agree with you, I look forward seeing how you get in.

  3. Great doodles!! :) Love the pink flower!! :)