Sunday, January 27, 2013

Scissor Catastrophe and Day 6

I can't believe I broke the handle of my scissors yesterday. I've had them for 25 years and use them for everything! They owe me nothing, that's for sure, but I shall be lost without them. Jack glued the bits together for me, I hope that'll hold until I can replace them.

Day 6 of the TIAS reminded me that split rings don't have to be symmetrical. No, you can make the rings go this way and that way! Joining on the second half of a split ring can be tricky. I used to just join with the shuttle thread, until I realised that can create distortions. I think the trick is to make sure to pull the core thread back right through the picot. Otherwise the ring won't close.


  1. Oh, broken sissors...25 is a long time for a crafting will get a wunderful new to cut very well
    Happy tatting without cutting

  2. It's always sad to lose a favorite pair of scissors. I hope you can find a new pair that you like as well.

  3. I had a pair exactly the same till a few years ago when I had to replace them . I was delighted as I always loathed the colour! But, they DID last for decades!

    1. :-) these are known in the household as 'the orange handled scissors'.

  4. A good pair of scissors is like a friend. he he.
    yes, that is how you join on the second side of the split ring, pull the core thread through the picot, put the shuttle though the loop, then pull the core thread back down taking the shuttle thread with it. Then the 2nd half of the unflipped ds and good to go.
    Is that thread Jess! Raspberry Key Lime Pie?

  5. At first the picture led me to think you'd had to use them on tatting! Thankfully not. We have scissors just like that, use them daily and hide them in a drawer. They're so handy and I'd not like to break them. Sorry for your loss, Karen in OR