Monday, January 28, 2013

Maltese Rings

 On to my next challenge, Maltese rings. I used Martha Ess's instructions. They're clear, and show three versions of the technique. Then I did my own variation by adding beads to the inner ring. That may be just what I need for a sunflower that I've been imagining for some time.
Hmmm. Needs some work, but definitely has possibilities.


  1. Maltese Ring is a nice technique. I designed my earing Marit in feb 2012 to practise Maltese ring and cluny leaves. I sold the patterns on the tatting shows. As I am wrapping the ring thread just over my left index finger and not all fingers, tatting the modern way is easy that way.
    I didn't knew Martha's instructions, so I am interested in her suggestion to tat the first and last half stich with both shuttles. Makes sence... Thank you for sharing.
    Beads inside look nice, as they need place, how about every second picot with a bead?
    Enjoy and regards from Gunhild

    1. The beads are overcrowded there, so I did have to work on that.

  2. Those are so pretty! I've read Martha's instructions, but I've never actually tried. I guess this would be a good skill to add to my to-do list.

  3. looks good Jane, I can see what you are talking about with the beads in the center.

  4. These maltese rings look very pretty and fun! I should have a go too. Will need to start putting my tatting ideas in a queue. :)

  5. Very interesting!! Great colors!! :)