Saturday, October 21, 2017

Crochet Rag Rug

I have Pinterest on my phone and peruse it in odd moments - while the kettle comes to the boil or waiting outside the co-op for Jack to finish his shopping. On Wednesday I came across a tutorial for making a crocheted rag rug. Hmm. An idea for making a mat for the veranda perhaps. An owl sits on the light above our front door some nights. I quite like the idea of an owl sitting there, but it is a messy creature that has ruined the mat.

I looked through my materials and found a green sheet that is past its use-by date and a couple of strips of beige curtaining left over from a project. My biggest crochet hook is 6 mm, so I didn't think the 1.5 inch strips in the tutorial were going to work. I crocheted some samples and decided on 1.5 cm for the beige and 1 cm for the green sheeting. The tutorial says to sew the strips together in preference to knotting them. I did that for the beige, but it's not really practical to sew 1 cm strips together, so I just knotted them.
And began to crochet. The beige was much easier to work with. The sheeting was surprisingly stiff, which rather puts me off the technique.  But the mat is complete and an old sheet recycled.

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Knot Necklace

I saw a picture on Pinterest that is the inspiration for this necklace. To start with I looked through my collection of Clare Gaylard's flamework beads. Then I worked back from there to choose seed beads and make up a threading pattern. Flexibility is important for this kind of necklace, so I used size 20 thread, even though the the circumference is small. It took me longer to crochet than I thought it would but turned out as I visualised, so I'm happy about that.

At one stage the thread with beads strung on it was getting into a tangle. I solved that problem by wrapping the thread around a roll of flannel fabric. Things 'stick' to flannel, but of course they come away without any sort of residue. It worked well.

Tuesday, October 17, 2017


I have been using size 10 crochet cotton to make beaded crochet ropes. It works very well for ropes with a circumference of 6, but ropes with an 8 circumference are a bit stiff. I wondered if using a finer thread would be better. I found this pattern on Pinterest, saved from, which is 8 around. Using size 20 thread it's definitely more flexible, curves round to make a bangle much better than the ones using size 10 thread So, I've learnt something!

Monday, October 16, 2017

Mission Accomplished

I set out to make a magic square that was bigger than Robin Perfetti's diagram.  On my first attempt, I turned right when I should've turned left and finished up with a square that was exactly the same as the diagram. Nice, but no cigar. I decided to have another go, and this time I got it right. This is tatted in one pass so that there are only two threads at the end to sew in:
Of course there were ends when I refilled shuttles as I went along, but those ends could be encapsulated.

There were several times while tatting this that I was convinced I had gone completely astray. I hadn't. Eventually I found that the best way of working was to keep my eyes firmly on the diagram, rather than the work itself. Do not stop periodically to admire your progress, Jane, that causes confusion!

One interesting point about the diagram is that is was computer-generated. Robin hasn't tatted the whole diagram herself. I'm here to say that it works like a charm. Thanks Robin.

I used size 40 thread to tat this, it measures almost 30 cm across.

Friday, October 13, 2017

Regaining Momentum

I've had a break from my magic square, but I don't want to leave it languishing as a UFO. I'm working on it again and hope to get it finished soon.

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

For Winter

It seems a bit odd to be posting knitwear off to Australia in the middle of Summer. But if this parcel takes as long to arrive as the last one did, my son-in-law should receive them just in time for Winter! The pattern is by Pamela W Allen. They're knitted in the round in rib. I like that that means they are reversible and there's no specific right and left.