Tuesday, June 27, 2017


Using more beads in the circumference of a crochet beaded rope gives greater scope for design. Early in my learning process I tried a pattern with a circumference of 16 beads, but soon realised that I couldn't manage it. Since then I've largely used patterns with 6 beads. But I think I'm ready to move on a bit, so yesterday I made a bracelet with a circumference of 8 beads. With more beads, the centre is hollow and the working beads tend to collapse inwards a bit, which means that you must pay more attention to make sure you're working into the correct stitch. I hope that's the secret I was looking for! I found the pattern on Pinterest.

Do Over

We had two little visitors on Sunday who came for lunch with their Nana. I thought they'd be the perfect candidates to try out the little bracelets for me, make sure they would go over the hand and then stay on the wrist. They do. The little girls tussled over them for a while and they withstood that, so that was a good test too. Of course the little girls went home with them, so yesterday I made some more for my friend's granddaughters. I'll deliver them on Thursday.

Monday, June 26, 2017

Isabel's Place

These butterflies are less subtle than the one I gave up on, but boldness has its own beauty!  Isabel's place mat is now done and ready to be posted off to her.

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Making Progress

Aha, a butterfly is emerging at last. I'm enjoying this pattern. I may even do two butterflies. The pattern is given in two colourways, it would be fun to try them both.

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

I Give Up

OK, I'm tired of peering at a tiny graph and trying to distinguish between two very similar shades. I know from experience that if you put a cross stitch in the wrong place you throw everything out. Why on earth I thought I could wing it in 'freestyle' I don't know. When I came to put light pink in, it didn't fit at all. I couldn't even make it fit.  I'm going to use this much clearer graph from a book I've had for many years. First I must sort out the new phone I bought yesterday, put in contacts and so on, which is also likely to be frustrating!

Monday, June 19, 2017

Beret Progress

This is my second attempt, I had to make adjustments because my yarn is a bit thinner than the designer used. I'm not absolutely sure about this, so I've left the yarn attached and will show it to the experts at the next craft group meeting. It will also need blocking; I'll have to get advice on that.

Butterfly Begun

The printed pattern is tiny, but I hope that being able to zoom in on the e-version will help me make sense of it. Since it's a very 'free style' pattern, I don't think the odd stitch in the wrong shade will make too much difference. I downloaded the pattern, which has no 'distinguishing marks', so I don't know who the designer is.