Friday, March 24, 2017

Round 6 and Emperor Moth Caterpillar

I've done round 6  of the Renulek doily.

I sent the photos of the very large caterpillar to Steve Ogden from Wildlife Insights . He replied very promptly and said he thinks our caterpillar might be an Emperor Moth caterpillar. He also thinks that the druiwewurm on my neighbours' grapevines might be a Hawkmoth (hats off to you Diane!) The Emperor one feeds on acacia, which is where Jack found this one, whereas the Hawkmoth feeds on vines.  We left the caterpillar on the acacia tree, but we'll see if we can find it once it pupates and put in in a box so that we can see what it turns into. We won't hold our breaths though; apparently it will take a long time and may not happen at all.

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

This and That

We had a neighbourhood gathering last evening, so I asked my neighbours about yesterday's big, green caterpillar. They said it's called a 'druiwewurm'. That translates as grape worm. I googled it this morning and found absolutely nothing resembling my caterpillar. But it's a start. Thanks to those who have had a go at identifying it!

Yesterday afternoon I shuffled stars and decided on an arrangement of colours:
I piled up each row and numbered them so that I can keep track. I made a start on crocheting an outer row, joining as I go. I used this tutorial to help me. I'm not quite confident about it yet, I may have to make some changes, which is why I haven't threaded the ends in:
At the moment I'm working on round 6 of the Renulek doily:


Jack found an enormous caterpillar in the yard a few days ago. It brought to mind a nursery rhyme I used to say to my children:
Little Arabella Miller
Found a furry caterpillar.
First it crawled upon her mother
Then upon her baby brother.
Folk said, 'Arabella Miller,
Take away that caterpillar'.

I think Wendy and I must be on the same wavelength, only my caterpillar is not furry and hers is not a caterpillar!

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Variegated Stars

Some of the colourways work better than others, but I think if they're judiciously spread through my blanket, they'll add the right amount of twinkle.

Sunday, March 19, 2017


I've largely avoided dyeing variegated colours for my blankets because I thought they'd be too muddled. But for this blanket where the motif is done without changing yarns, I think they'll work. I'll have to crochet a few stars to be sure. How did I create them? I poured the different dyes over the soaked wool and then set the dye for 3 minutes in the microwave oven.

Saturday, March 18, 2017


It seems impossible that all the wool in the basket will fit onto the spinning wheel bobbin, but it will. I broke off equal lengths of wool roving and the first one has fitted onto bobbin one, so this lot will fit onto bobbin two.

Friday, March 17, 2017

50 Stars

I have 50 stars done towards my blanket, which feels like a minor milestone. Now I must spin another batch of wool.