Thursday, November 16, 2023

More Bags


I'm working on another order for 30 jewelry bags. I made 15 yesterday. I decided when I was sewing masks that it's better to have a small batch completed than a large batch half done! So I'm working on the same principle now. I've made a start on the second 15, but I'm not sure I'll finish today because I need to do some preparation for tomorrow's craft group meeting. 


  1. You're keeping busy, nice! I also think having fewer but completed items is better than many in progress. It's also better to give a sense of fulfilment too.

  2. Wow!! You and Diane sure are making me feel lazy!!! ;)
    Great progress!! :)

  3. Jewelry bags are great and useful. I also have a lot of small pieces of fabric that could be made into something useful.